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Image result for hearing lossHearing trouble can mean not just difficulty hearing things properly, but also an increased risk of accidents caused because you’re unable to hear auditory accident cues.

Many seniors suffer from hearing loss as they get older. For many of these persons, hearing loss may be a natural part of aging, and may lead to social difficulties and inconvenience, and not much more. However, according to the results of a new study, hearing loss can actually be dangerous because it can impact a senior citizen’s ability to drive safely.

According to the researchers, hearing is a key sense that can help alert an individual to potential dangers in his environment. On a busy road, that could mean an oncoming car that can be heard, but may not be seen in time. For a pedestrian, it could mean being alerted to the sound of an approaching vehicle.  When hearing isn’t fine-tuned and sharp, injury risks increase.

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Velocidad NauticaSummer is here, with all the boating and water craft activity that goes with the season. Indiana officials are on the alert for an increase in collisions and accidents on the water.

Indian officials are warning residents about the dangers involved in boating and operating watercraft on water bodies across the state. One of the dangers involved in boating is how safe everyone seems to think the activity is. Nothing could be further from the truth. The kind of dangers that you can expect when you are traveling on motorways are very similar to the kind of risks that face you as you are sailing on Indiana’s waterways.

According to a recent review of US Coast Guard boating accident statistics from 2006 to 2015, at least 65 of boat accidents during this period of time occurred on the Lake, Porter, and La Porte County waterways. 14 people died in those accidents, and 34 injuries were reported. Those accidents were associated with more than $627,000 in damages.

old-lake-1615596_1280-300x178Most boaters are aware of the dangers of speeding, or operating a boat under the influence of alcohol, as well as other types of boating safety dangers; however, very few will appreciate the dangers from another silent killer: Carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a silent, yet deadly killer. It is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill a person within a few seconds without him even being aware of it. That’s what makes it so dangerous.

In a boat, you may be in danger of carbon monoxide fumes from your generator or engine. This summer season as more and more Indiana residents go out onto the water to enjoy a few hours, it’s important to ensure that you and your passengers are completely safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide fumes.

The first step is awareness. Learn about how carbon monoxide fumes can be generated on your boat. Learn of all the danger areas, including your generator exhaust outlets. You as the boat operator and all your passengers must avoid these areas.

child and boatThere’s nothing children like more than a day out on the water, and as a parent you cherish these precious memories. Remember however, that children are at a high risk of injuries in boating accidentsBoating with children involves numerous challenges. You must take precautions to make sure that your precious cargo is safe at all times. Whether you are boating with infants, toddlers, or older children, you must take all necessary safety steps.

Toddlers are much more likely to get fidgety, restless, or cranky while on a boat where there is limited space to run around, and it’s important that parents take these challenges into consideration before they get on a boat with young children. You don’t want distractions while you are boating and toddler tantrums can definitely be a distraction.

Make sure that your toddlers and infants are safely equipped with life-saving gear to keep them safe. Infants should be safely restrained in infant life jackets. Life jackets for children should have a collar that turns their head and face upwards if they’re in the water. Buy your life jackets in a very visible color like bright yellow or orange. It’s also a good idea to make sure that life jackets are equipped with a plastic safety whistle. Practice using the safety whistle with your children before they wear the jacket.

0123 BoatSummer is here, and that means many Hoosiers will head out onto the beautiful waters to enjoy the warm water and breezy days. Boating in summer is magical, but it can quickly turn deadly. Even if you are an experienced boater, it is important to review your boating safety precautions, before the start of the summer season.

There are some precautions that every boater must take, no matter how experienced he is.

First, a boater should always check the weather updates before getting out on the boat. If the weather promises to turn threatening in the hours ahead, postpone your plans. Severe weather can be threatening in even the smallest bodies of water.

boat%20safety%2017082.jpgFor those lucky enough to enjoy some fun and sun on the water, there is nothing better than zipping around the lake in a boat and experiencing the spray of the water on your face and the wind blowing through your hair. For others, a quiet evening anchored on the water and experiencing the rock of the boat and the quiet of nature is enough. Unfortunately for some, a weekend on the lake can have a tragic ending. For too many Indiana families, a day on the lake results in a devastating accident, injury, or even death.

Earlier this year the US Coast Guard released its 2014 Recreational Boating Statistics and the numbers are sobering to anyone who operates a boat on Indiana waterways. The statistics reveal a troubling trend in injuries and deaths that occur in our nation’s waterways, and more troubling, here in Indiana. The full report outlines the details of the more than 600 people who lost their lives in boat-related accidents nationwide in 2014.

The report notes that the vast majority of those who died (84%) were not wearing life vests. A surprising number of those injured were in smaller boats, which were less than 21 feet long.
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boat%20rope.jpgThe Coast Guard’s boating safety report for 2009 indicates an increase in deaths and injuries, although the overall number of boating accidents actually declined last year. Overall, there was a 3.81% increase in boating accident fatalities and a .81% increase in boating accident injuries last year. However, the number of boating accidents dropped by 1.23%.

In all, there were 4,730 recreational boating accidents in 2009, and these resulted in 736 deaths and 3,358 injuries. As for the causes of boating accidents, it should come as no surprise to any Indiana boating accident lawyer, that the primary factors continue to be operator attention and inexperience, excessive speeds, boating under the influence and insufficient lookout. The one common thing about these five factors is that all of them are related in some way to human error or inadequacy. Mechanical malfunction plays a very small role in the majority of boating accidents every year.
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life%20vest.jpgIndiana summer brings warm weather, family gatherings, fun on the beach and open water. Indiana boasts more than 550 square miles of waterways and some of the most beautiful and enjoyable lakes and rivers. Boating, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and swimming are recreational pastimes enjoyed by many Indiana residents. Keeping our state’s waterways safe is of utmost importance and a tremendous responsibility.

The most recent U.S. Coast Guard statistics indicate that boating while under the influence is still the leading factor in fatal boating accidents. Nearly 17% of boating fatalities are a direct result of alcohol or drug use. Alcohol and water fun does not mix. Detecting and stopping boaters who operate under the influence of alcohol and drugs is an important step to ensuring the safety to all who enjoy the rivers and lakes.
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