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bike%20tire.jpgWith many Indiana children receiving bicycles for Christmas, it is a good time to consider one of the most important safety features to purchase with that new bike: A Helmet! Even as the number of people killed in auto and motorcycling accidents continues to drop, there has actually been an increase in the number of people killed in bicycle accidents. According to a new report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, in 2012, there was a significant 16% increase in fatalities recorded across the country, compared to the previous year.

The report found that bicyclist fatalities in the United States increased from 621 deaths in 2010 to 680 deaths in 2011, and 722 deaths in 2012. During this same time period, there was a 1% increase in other types of accident fatalities. According to the report bicyclist fatalities have comprised approximately 2% of all accident fatalities across the country since 1975.

In Indiana, bicycle accident fatalities dropped in 2011, only to spike again in 2012: 13 bicycle accident fatalities occurred in 2010, with 11 accidents in 2011. However, in 2012 the number of accidents increased again to 15.
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bike%20tires.jpgContrary to popular belief, an increase in bicyclist numbers doesn’t, or should not, automatically lead to an increase in the number of bicycle accidents. Many countries in Europe have a stronger bicycle safety culture than ours. In fact, countries that have higher bicyclist numbers actually have better bicycle safety records.

An interesting new report titled Safety in Numbers was released recently by the European Cyclists Federation. The study has a number of intriguing findings for Indiana bicycle accident lawyers, and should be of interest to bicyclists in this state. Traditionally, transportation agencies blame increasing number of bicyclists for any increase in bicycle accident fatalities. According to them, when there is a spike in the population of bicyclists, it instantly translates into a higher risk of accidents.

The Safety in Numbers report, however, offers a number of examples to illustrate why this should not be so. According to the report, the Netherlands saw a 58% decrease in bicycle accident fatalities over a 25 year period, while it’s bicyclist numbers increased by approximately 45%.
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Line%20of%20Bikes.jpgBicycling around Indiana seems to have become more dangerous. There was an increase of 7% in the number of Indiana bicyclists involved in traffic accidents between 2009 and 2010. About 9% of these individuals suffered life-threatening injuries. Moreover, the statistics show that young bicyclists between the age of 8 and 20 accounted for a very high percentage of the number of bicyclists injured or killed in accidents.

The data comes from the Bicycle Collisions in Indiana report, which was based on research conducted by the Indiana University Center for Criminal Justice Research. The study found that the number of deaths associated with bicycle accidents in the state of Indiana increased from 7 in 2009 to 14 in 2010.

Bicyclists in 2010 were 6 times more likely to be killed in an accident than a motorist involved in an accident. They were also 17 times more likely to be killed in a hit-and-run accident. Bicyclists also seem to be at the receiving end when it comes to distracted driving by motorists. Bicyclists were up to 80 times more likely to be killed as a result of accidents involving distracted driving, than motorists.
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bike2.jpgIt is the right time to embrace the cause of bicycle safety in Indiana. There are more Hoosiers biking to work and for leisure than ever before. In fact, according to Bicycle Indiana, since 2007 alone, there has been an increase of 40% in the numbers of people biking to work in Indiana.

And why not? There are far too many incentives for Hoosiers not to take to bicycling. Biking helps save precious dollars on gas, and reduces your carbon footprint. With a massive oil blob the size of Delaware inching towards the Louisiana coastline, the need for promoting eco-friendly means of transportation is clearer than ever. Besides, with health experts warning of an obesity epidemic continuing into future generations of Americans, biking is a healthy lifestyle choice more Hoosiers should be encouraged to make.
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old%20bike.jpgBicycle riders in Indiana share the road with many passenger cars, delivery vans, and large trucks. This traffic increases the risk of serious personal injury to the rider. To ensure a fun afternoon on a bicycle continues in safety, all riders should take a few simple precautions when they hit the road.

As Indiana personal injury attorneys, we believe visibility is of utmost importance for any bicycle rider. The ability to see potential dangers and to be seen by automobile and truck drivers can prevent serious injuries for the bike rider.
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parked%20bikes.jpgIndiana bicycle riders have enjoyed many sunny days of wonderful two-wheeled riding this spring. But for every hour spent on the bike, the rider runs an increased risk of injury.

Perhaps the biggest risk for any bicycle rider is falling off the bike. A rider’s head has no protection from a fall except the bicycle helmet. This complex device made of foam and plastic is designed to absorb much of the impact that a rider would experience if a fall were to occur. Worn correctly, a helmet can help prevent life-threatening head injuries.
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helmet.jpgWarm weather is finally arriving in Indiana. With the increase in temperature, Indiana streets are experiencing an increase in bicycle traffic. A stroll through any Indianapolis neighborhood will reveal both children and adults enjoying the freedom of a bike ride. As Indianapolis personal injury attorneys, we want to encourage everyone to enjoy the ride while being as safe as possible.

Since the invention of the “Walking Machine” in 1817 by Baron von Drais, people have enjoyed riding bikes. But throughout the history of this wonderful machine, safety has been of utmost concern. Builders have spent decades making improvements to the bicycle. They have engineered it to be stronger, go faster, and ride smoother; however, even the finest crafted bikes cannot keep you from a spill. As anyone who has tumbled from the two-wheel contraptions knows, falling from a bicycle, even at a slow speed, will do terrible things to your head and brain.
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bike-gears-thumbThe recent warm Indianapolis weather has offered wonderful opportunities for outdoor exercise and activity. Running, basketball, soccer and especially bicycle riding fill the warm spring days. The increased number of cyclists on the streets can result in tragic accidents for those who do not put safety first. In fact, Indiana bike accidents are a serious matter. In 2007, there were 15 bicycle-related fatalities in Indiana.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, nationwide, 43,000 people were injured in bicycle-related accidents in 2007. They also report that 700 people died that same year from injuries that occurred in bike mishaps.
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