Call Before You Dig in Indiana

shovel.jpgFall in Indiana is the perfect time to clean up dying flower beds, rake fallen leaves and plant new shrubs and trees. Unfortunately, too many Indian residents fail to take the proper steps necessary to protect themselves before they start on these beautifying tasks.

Indiana personal injury attorneys
encourage all residents to take care when working in the yard, in the garden, and at the job site. Your safety is our primary concern.

It is hard to imagine but many utility lines and power supplies are buried just a few feet below ground and simple activities such as landscaping, trenching and tree planting can result in a severe electrical shock or even sudden death.

Before home owners put shovel to earth, they should first contact a line locating company to verify the location of all underground utilities. There is no cost for the service and even the call is free. Contacting the locator can do more than reduce your costs of possible damage claims; it can save your life.

The FCC has designated a simple three-digit number to call before any digging project begins. Residents all around the country simply dial 811. As easy to remember as the 911 emergency call number, the Call Before You Dig number provides a convenient contact number which will activate marking services.

A call to the 811 number will alert local utilities and each company will respond to the call, come to your dig site and mark the locations of underground lines and utilities. It is important to remember that not all underground utility companies are associated with the One Call system. Residents may need to contact several companies prior to the start of work.

You will know every utility has been marked when you see paint and flags for the following:
• Red = electric lines, cables, and conduit
• Orange = telecommunication, alarm or signal lines
• Yellow = natural gas, oil, or other flammables
• Green = sewers lines
• Blue = drinking water
• Violet = reclaimed water and irrigation
• Pink = temporary survey markings, unknown/unidentified
• White = proposed excavation limits or route
Be ready to have location and contact information available when you call:
• The address where the digging will occur • A telephone number where you can be reached • Directions to the property
Indiana residents should remember that protection services often require 48 to 72 hours, excluding holidays and weekends. There can be a short delay before utility services are marked. Planning ahead is an important step to ensuring your safety. It is also important to remember that even if you hire a contractor, it is your responsibility to have the utilities marked properly.