Breathalyzer Locks & Preventing Bicycle Intoxicated Riding

Drunk Bike and moreBicycle riding carries its own set of risks.  For those who frequently ride on Indiana streets, it is no surprise that risks like head injury, possible auto accidents, and dangerous falls are a real possibility.  But one risk that continues to astound safety experts are those that occur when bicyclists ride under the influence of alcohol.  Drunk bicycle riding is a growing concern globally and even here in Indiana.  However, a Japanese company has introduced a new breathalyzer-type device that would help reduce the risk of intoxicated bike riding.

A bicyclist who rides while drunk is at a high risk of an accident. Intoxicated riding could actually be even more dangerous than intoxicated driving because a person riding under the influence of alcohol may not realize how much of a danger this is. Accidents also arise when the drunk bicyclist fails to obey traffic signs, placing himself and other motorists at risk.

The new breathalyzer is called a Alcoho-lock.  The bicycle rider breathes into the device and it will measure the level of alcohol in the person’s system. If the alcohol concentration is beyond a determined limit, the device will shut the bicycle down and prevent the bicyclist from riding.

In many ways, this breathalyzer device is similar to the alcohol ignition interlock devices that are mandated for motorists with DUI convictions on their record. Whether this breathalyzer device will prove popular among bicyclists is yet to be seen. It is quite expensive.  A typical Alcoho-lock device will set you back between $300 and $400.

People don’t typically think of intoxicated bicyclists as a major menace on the road. However, there is no doubt about the fact that bicycle riding while under the influence of alcohol is quite dangerous. Riders could be at serious risk of losing control of a bicycle, falling off the bike, and possibly sustaining a serious head injury. An intoxicated rider’s reflexes are slower when riding drunk, which makes it harder to avoid an accident. In addition, if riding under the influence of alcohol, a rider is less likely to be helmeted. All of these factors can increase a rider’s risk of being injured in an accident and one lock could quite easily save a life.

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