Brain Injury Occurs in Indianapolis Heart Hospital

IV%20pole.jpgA patient of St. Francis Heart Hospital patient an unexpected accident that left him in critical condition when a wall-mounted IV pole became detached from the wall. The pole fell on the patient, striking him in the head. As a result, the Indianapolis hospital is taking steps to help prevent any future accidents.

The patient, currently recovering in the intensive care unit at St. Francis Health’s Heart Center, suffered a blow to the head Wednesday evening resulting in a serious head injury. News reports indicate that the patient is not expected to recover.

The hospital system reported that they took immediate action by removing all equipment from the wall-mounted poles. They have been transferred to floor-based IV poles. According to reports, this action has taken place in all three Indianapolis-area St. Francis Health hospitals and is sharing information about the incident with the Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety.

We anxiously await the Coalition’s response.