Brain Training Helps Spinal Cord Injury Patients Recover Sensation

00.WheelchairA new spinal injury treatment program focused on brain training has helped eight people who had serious spinal cord injuries regain some level of sensation and movement in their bodies.

According to researchers, the step-by-step brain training seemed to help trigger a connection between brain impulses and the body. The eight patients who had suffered paralysis after a spinal cord injury underwent training using virtual reality simulators and exoskeletons. After a period of time, the researchers found that the training helped trigger impulses in many of the undamaged nerves that had not been destroyed in the accidents and falls that caused these spinal cord injuries.

After these weeks of training, the researchers found that these patients were not able to move any of their limbs, and had no tactile sensation in the region below the level of the site of the injury. Some of the patients were also able to recover bladder control.  These functions had been lost after their injury.

A spinal cord injury is a devastating injury that results in long-term health consequences. Patients may be left with reduced movement and sensation in the affected parts of their bodies. This can leave patients unable to perform daily routine tasks, like dressing themselves, eating, and other simple activities. There is no complete cure for a spinal cord injury which means that patients may incur heavy medical and rehabilitation expenses for years later.

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