Best Auto Safety Technologies for Older Drivers

need%20for%20speed.jpgSenior drivers benefit most from many of the varied auto safety technologies that are now available in modern automobiles. In fact, some auto companies are even looking to create specific systems that are designed for preventing accidents involving seniors.

Researchers at the Hartford Financial Service Group and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab, identified 10 of the most beneficial auto safety technologies for senior citizens. These technologies were identified based on how beneficial they could be for drivers above the age of 50.

Drivers above 50 may not consider themselves “senior”, but according to the researchers, some driving faculties begin to diminish when a person reaches the age of 50. The researchers considered a number of aspects while identifying the technologies that were most beneficial to senior drivers, including the safety benefits of the technology, the challenges involved, the distractions involved in using the technology as well as the potential for reducing accidents.

They zeroed in on a total of 10 auto safety technologies.
1. Adaptive headlights that reduce glare, and improve night vision, thereby reducing the risk of driving at night for a senior driver;
2. Emergency response systems;
3. Back view driving systems that help seniors put the car into reverse safely, and identify objects or pedestrians who may be at the back of the car;
4. Blind spot identification systems, that warn a senior driver when there is an object, driver or pedestrian in a blind spot.
5. Lane departure warning systems that alert the driver to avoid going out of his lane.
6. Parking assist systems that come with self-park facility.
7. Stability control systems that help a senior maintain control over the car even at high speeds, avoiding a rollover accident.
8. Voice command technology that allows a senior driver to use most of the technology that is available in the car without using his hands.
9. Accident detection systems.
10. Alert systems that warn a driver when he is in danger of dozing off at the wheel.

These ten items can be used as a checklist by senior drivers who are shopping for a new vehicle. The good news is that many senior drivers are already aware that a car that comes loaded with auto safety technologies is a sensible investment for them. For that reason, senior drivers are some of the biggest buyers of luxury automobiles, which come with more auto safety technologies.

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