Alcohol May Be Involved In Indianapolis Accident

Vehicle%20Wreck.jpgIndiana’s icy roads and hazardous conditions received a lot of attention recently. Unfortunately, it was the consumption of alcohol by a careless driver that may have resulted in death and serious injuries for several people on Indiana State Road 37 this past week. The drivers and passengers were involved in a four-car accident that sent several to the hospital and one to the funeral home.

While officials initially reported that alcohol was a factor in the accident, they have since backed off this comment, pending a full investigation. However, other drivers who arrived on the scene reported the smell of alcohol on several occupants of the offending vehicle. They also reported empty beer cans in the back seat.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is illegal and often leads to serious injury or death. Most often the person who is injured is not the person who has been drinking but innocent bystanders who have to live with the repercussions of one person’s irresponsible decision.

This tragic accident might have been avoided if someone had shown responsibility and self-control. Countless lives have been affected by this single moment in time and this accident is a direct result of a decision to drink and drive.