Acupuncture Could Provide Relief to People with TBI

accupuncture1063One of the long-term consequences of traumatic brain injury is recurrent headaches. A new study finds that acupuncture could provide relief to people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and are struggling with these headaches.

The study was published recently in the journal Medical Acupuncture, and found that auricular acupuncture was more beneficial in helping reduce the impact of headaches, compared to traditional Chinese acupuncture. The study was performed on members of the US military, who had suffered mild to moderate traumatic brain injury, and continued to suffer headaches as a result of their injuries. Traumatic brain injury is an epidemic in the US military, and approximately 80 percent of service members who have suffered a brain injury complain of recurrent headaches.

The researchers monitored these service members over the six-week study period, and evaluated the quality of life of those who were given normal care, with those who were given either auricular acupuncture or traditional acupuncture sessions. They found that the service members, who had been provided auricular acupuncture treatments, were better able to deal with their headache symptoms.

Recurrent headaches are just one of the long-term consequences people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury can expect to face. Persons with a brain injury may struggle with other consequences that include memory loss, concentration difficulties, and poor judgment. They may experience slowness in movements and may find it difficult to perform even the most routine household activities. A brain injury can also affect fine motor abilities and eye- hand coordination. Other physical changes include blurred or loss of vision, poor depth perception, sensory changes related to the way a person smells, tastes, or touches objects, and increased sensitivity.

The psychological consequences of a traumatic brain injury are only compounded when they are combined with other changes in the person’s mood and behavior. Personality changes are not unheard of after a brain injury. These consequences make it difficult for a person to resume a normal life after the injury, impacting his ability to work and earn a living.

If acupuncture offers hope and healing for those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury then we support it entirely.

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