Accident Dangers Involving Snow Plow Trucks

Indiana%20Winter.jpg As Indiana’s winter continues, Indiana Department of Transportation drivers will be out in full force. Winter isn’t over yet and more snow is expected in the coming weeks. Because of the falling snow and icy road conditions, you’ll see a number of plows and salt trucks out clearing the roads and doing their job.

Because of their slower speeds, motorists often assume that plows are safer than most heavy equipment. While they do not travel at excessive speeds, snow plows must conduct certain types of driving practices that may endanger other motorists. For instance, a snow plow may travel in the center of the road with large protruding blades that remove the snow. If a driver tries to pass a snow plow they may not account for the width of the blade and its position on the road. Drivers must be extremely cautious when driving near or around a plow.

If a driver finds themselves behind a snow plow, they should maintain as much distance as possible betwee0 their vehicle and the plow. Remember that snow plow operators are highly trained professionals who are working to keep you safe. Their job is to make the road convenient for you to use. A few minutes’ worth of delay is worth the wait. A dry road that is completely free of snow and ice will be much safer for all.

Be especially careful if you’re a pedestrian and walking in an area where snowplows are in operation. These vehicles are designed to dislodge tons of snow at a time, and much of the snow can fall on you. Don’t underestimate snow just because it looks light and fluffy. Those large piles of snow can weigh enough to knock you off your feet.

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