baby-pic-300x240About 1% of all American childbirths occur in a home or in a birth center and research finds that there are some factors that make a home birth extremely risky.

Many women prefer to give birth outside of a typical hospital setting. These births can occur at home or in a birth center. A birth center is a separate facility within a health care system that involves midwives, and sometimes even doctors. Some birth centers may be located within a hospital.

Whether in home births or birth center deliveries, the focus is on making the actual birth as natural as possible. In fact, the popularity of birth centers is related to the fact that most women, while they do want the birth to be as natural as possible, also want access to medical care if there’s an emergency during the labor or delivery.

wing-221526_1280-300x200The media has recently reported on a number of incidents involving passengers who had to be ejected from airplanes after altercations with flight attendants. However, some safety experts fear that these kinds of unruly, and sometimes even violent confrontations between passengers and staff members could possibly be detrimental to the safety of everybody on the airplane.

According to Time magazine, which recently ran a report on the flight safety risks involving such confrontations on planes, flight attendants now complain that they are often forced to ignore severe safety violations like failing to wear seatbelts, improperly placed bags, and other violations in order to avoid confrontations. Many flight attendants fear a confrontation spreading virally on social media via cell phone footage.  Such coverage almost always reflects very poorly on the employee, who may be at risk of having his or her employment status changed as a result of the negative publicity the airline suffers after a confrontation broadcast on Facebook.

According flight attendants, since the recent social media footage spread of a passenger being violently evicted from a United Airlines flight bleeding and bruised, they’ve noticed a significant change in passenger attitudes. Passengers are much more likely to question instructions by flight attendants, and are much more abrasive and prone to becoming confrontational when addressed by staff.

motorcycle-2186589_1280-300x200Motorbike accidents kill thousands of Americans every year. Motorcycling is great fun, and there is nothing to beat the thrill of an exhilarating ride, but the fact is that it can also be a very dangerous recreational sport. Many accidents occur every year because people are not comfortable with the vehicle that they are riding.

If you are an amateur motorcyclist, or are considering buying a motorcycle, there are several things that you must keep in mind before you make your purchase because your choice of motorcycle can determine your level of safety on the road.

Choosing a motorcycle depends on the purpose for which you are buying one. Are you buying a motorcycle for work?  Do you intend to use it on weekends? Do you intend to use it to hang out with friends? Do you intend to use it on road trips? Remember, the motorcycle that you buy will differ depending on the purpose involved. Be sure that you speak to the dealer about the kind of motorcycle that’s right for you.

old-lake-1615596_1280-300x178Most boaters are aware of the dangers of speeding, or operating a boat under the influence of alcohol, as well as other types of boating safety dangers; however, very few will appreciate the dangers from another silent killer: Carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a silent, yet deadly killer. It is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill a person within a few seconds without him even being aware of it. That’s what makes it so dangerous.

In a boat, you may be in danger of carbon monoxide fumes from your generator or engine. This summer season as more and more Indiana residents go out onto the water to enjoy a few hours, it’s important to ensure that you and your passengers are completely safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide fumes.

The first step is awareness. Learn about how carbon monoxide fumes can be generated on your boat. Learn of all the danger areas, including your generator exhaust outlets. You as the boat operator and all your passengers must avoid these areas.

disabled-1794484_1920-300x259Choosing a nursing home for a loved one can be a difficult process. You want a nursing home where your loved one will not just be comfortable, but also safe and well cared for. Choosing a nursing home where he or she will be all of these things is not easy. Unfortunately, in some instances, elders are mistreated, abused and neglected in some of Indiana’s elder care facilities.

If you are currently looking for a nursing home for your loved one, ask yourself these questions and analyze the answers before you make a decision:

  • Does the facility meet safety standards? A hygienic and healthy environment is key to keeping your loved one secure. Look around the facility, and check if it looks clean and well maintained. Does it smell clean, or does it smell musty or stale? Overall, does the facility have a healthy, friendly and appealing environment that will make a resident feel at home?

doctor-563428_1280-300x200An interesting new study finds that doctors and nurses may be very sensitive to criticism or scolding by patients, which could affect their concentration and place patients at risk.

The study which was conducted in Israel, focused on pediatric patients. In the study, doctors and nurses from several neonatal intensive care units were put through mock clinical scenarios. They used mannequins in place of sick infants, and professional actors were roped in to play the role of parents of the pediatric patients. When these parents scolded the teams, or criticized them for not doing their jobs properly, the researchers found a significant drop in the performance of the team.

Comments like, “I knew we should have gone to another hospital”, were found to impact the team’s performance. Overall, when doctors and nurses who were subjected to critical comments from the active parents were compared to other medical personnel who were not exposed to such comments, the researchers found an overall drop in performance on measures. This included those measures related to accuracy of diagnosis, information sharing, and the amount of time taken to diagnose the patient.

firework-828652_1920-300x200Its that time of year again! The 4th of July: The summer holiday that focuses on cooking out, enjoying the evening with family, and celebrating America’s birth with fireworks! All around the country, people are spreading blankets and craning their necks to view breath-taking displays of colorful pyrotechnic artwork. Many others are preparing to host friends and family as they fire off their own display’s in appreciation of our nation’s birthday.

While fireworks when handled properly can yield exciting and wonderful results, they are unpredictable and hazardous as well. Even when handled by highly skilled pyrotechnic experts, fireworks are a threat to those personnel and others in close proximity. Please keep the safety of family and friends in mind as you celebrate this year.

In order to help families have the most possible fun this holiday season, please follow a few safety tips and pointers.

bicycle-1846454_1920-300x200The Hoosier State is home to thousands of enthusiastic bicyclists; however, if you are a new to riding bikes, it’s important for you to be aware of basic safety measures that can help protect Indiana laws governing bicycling.

The first thing to know is that bicyclists in Indiana are subject to the same rules and regulations as any other person driving a vehicle on the roadways. Just because a bicycle rider is on the road, it does not give them carte blanche to disregard safety rules, or to place themselves or others at risk. It is important for riders to learn about bicycling rights and duties, and make sure that they follow all safety and traffic rules and regulations.

For instance, bicycling in groups can be great fun; however, while riding in a group, it’s important to know the best practice. Basic bicycle safety rules make it clear that persons riding more than two abreast increases the dangers for cyclists, except when riding on special bicycle paths that are meant exclusively for these bicyclists. Single file riding makes more room for passing cars and trucks and reduces the risks to bicycle riders.

semi-truck-underride-300x169Two mothers of underride truck accident victims, who died when their vehicles lodged underneath the truck after a collision, are calling for safety measures to help prevent such accidents.

The threats posed by unsafe underrides do not get a lot of attention, but these cause some of the most devastating accidents involving large commercial trucks. Underride guards refer to the barriers, usually made of metal, that are affixed to the backs of a commercial 18-wheeler or large truck. These guards are in place to prevent smaller vehicles and passenger cars from sliding under the truck in the event of a collision.

In any accident involving a large commercial truck, there is a danger that the smaller car involved will skate or slip under the truck. The resulting accidents and injuries can be horrific. Underride car accidents almost always result in severe head injuries. Some of the worst accidents result in decapitations.

train-trackes-0766-300x225Federal agencies are currently considering a set of proposals that would regulate the transportation of hazardous materials on oil trains across the country and through communities. The proposals, would keep Indiana communities safer when these trains travel through their areas.

There is no doubt that the shale oil production boom in the US has benefited local Indiana communities. Much of that oil is transported across the Northeast Indiana region every week on oil trains. These crude products are transported on oil trains via railroads, and have contributed to boosting the local economy.

However, behind the economic boom hides another tale. At least since the beginning of 2013, there have been 10 oil train accidents – not just the US and also in Canada – and these have resulted in severe environmental damage and major fires. Residents have been forced to evacuate their homes, and in one case in Québec, 47 people were killed in an oil train derailment.